ICON Vendor Process

Over the past two weeks I have been involved in assessing vendors who have been part of the tender process for ICON eSIS, eFIN and ePayroll/HR, with a team of representatives from CEOM and Primary & Secondary schools throughout Victoria. The experience has indicated to me the complexities of this huge project, and the thoroughness with which it is being addressed. I have enjoyed working with the ICON Team and a range of colleagues. It is exciting to be part of this ongoing project.
Back this week to catch up on the school based work I’ve been unable to complete over the past two weeks. A busy last week of term coming up! Thanks to Julie for covering for me, and to Liz for sharing the early morning breakfasts and many, many coffees!

Paint Parliament House Purple & Red!

The purple ponchoed IEUVicTas descended upon Parliament House, Melbourne, following a meeting at Exhibition Buildings. Simultaneously, the red T-shirt AEU brigade converged along Bourke Street after their meeting at Rod Laver Arena. The area surrounding Parliament House was a sea of purple and red.
I was proud, along with my colleagues, to make a stand and be part of the 19,000 strong contingent demonstrating our dissatisfaction with the pay & conditions offer presented to Education staff. Education has become more complex for ALL staff and our students deserve and need the highest quality staff, working collaborately – we should all be paid accordingly. Wednesday 5 September was our opportunity to stand together and appreciate the work we do.

Inaugural IEU National Conference

As the School Officer Representative on IEU VicTas Committee of  Management, I was privileged to attend the Inaugural IEU National Conference in Canberra on Thursday 23 & Friday 24 August. Held at the old Parliament House,  we were welcomed by Chris Watt, Federal Secretary, and Dick Shearman, Federal President. There was great interest in discussing and ratifying IEU Policies as under :

  1. Securing Work Life Family Balance
  2. Early Childhood Education and Care
  3. Quality Education for Students with Disabilities and Special Needs
  4. Pre-Service Teacher Placements
  5. Induction for Early Career Teachers
  6. Quality Professional learning
  7. Information Technology in Schools
  8. Assessment and Reporting
  9. Teacher Appraisal

Delegates spoke to each Policy before amendment and acceptance. This was a great experience working with National delegates. For further details ieua 
Thank you Peter for you support and encouragement of my participation.

A highlight of the trip was a bit of Midnight Oil – dinner where Minister Peter Garrett spoke on a range of educational matters including funding and the Gonski Report.

Ceramic Art Work at Holy Spirit School

The school has commissioned Andrew Galakos, B.A.(Ceramic Design)(Hons.), from Imperial Star Ceramics for a number of art projects over the past few years. As detailed on Sue’s Teaching & Learning blog (see Blogroll), Andrew is currently working on a new project with the students and staff.

Ceramic Art at Holy Spirit by Andrew Galakos on PhotoPeach

Census Day – 3 August

Don’t forget to check Quality Assurance Reports under Online Data Transfer on CEVN. These reports indicate the accuracy of data input. By ensuring this is correct the full entitlement of funding will be received. Thanks for the tip, Maureen, a colleague in another eastern suburbs catholic primary school.

Blogging & ICON

In recent times I have become involved in two separate projects – blogging and ICON – but, are they separate? The more I discover the more I believe they are closely linked.
Along with a colleague, Liz, we are two of the Catholic primary school reps on ICON eSystems Special Advisory Group working party. ICON will deliver many tools for schools both administratively and educationally. CEO have released the LNSLN applications as part of ICON and will soon enable video conferencing.
The tools for staff – both administration and teaching, are being developed and it appears to me that the purpose of ICON is similar to that of blogging. The publication of teacher, staff and student work using a variety of web tools on a blog page and the interest and excitement this develops for all contributors would appear to be the same as what ICON will deliver.
Blogging seems like a great introduction to ICON!

Term 3 – The Start of 2013 Planning!

Following a busy and productive semester, I would imagine students and staff have enjoyed their break. The children will have received their mid-year report and will have direction for the remainder of the year. The staff will be planning to ensure the children achieve their set goals.

In the office, while we will be dealing with the day to day responsibilities, much of our time and planning will be centred around 2013. The enrolment process for new students is almost finalised which will provide the basis for our global budgeting, including decision making regarding staffing and priority projects. In 2012 Catholic Education Office introduced  Global Budgeting throughout the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Global Budgeting replaced the previous method of allocating a set number of staff based on enrolment numbers with a dollar amount to be utilised and expended at the discretion of the school – at the local level.

The planning required to successfully implement the global budget is critical to provide our school and our students with the resources to achieve learning outcomes and school improvement.

2013 planning is well under way in our school offices.