What’s Been Happening in 2014 ……

I’ve been remiss in not updating my blog this year ….. have been distracted by other issues.
I’m very excited to say that we have, once again, had Andy Galakos from Imperial Star Ceramics, design and construct a new passive garden area to enhance the 1/2 Area of our school grounds. Along with Mal Beckinsale and Mark Galakos, they finished this before the conclusion of Term 2. The end result is amazing – another beautiful area for the students, staff and parents to enjoy. Throughout the construction period the children showed much interest in the proposed work. Andy and Mal regularly had a large audience of students ‘supervising’ their labour. They tried to anticipate the final product! The large dove, the symbol of Holy Spirit School, which is made from coreten metal, provides the focal point of the design. The surrounding garden, gabion seating and red gum table, give the new garden great functionality.
The entire school and parish community will benefit from this fantastic improvement to our grounds.



The following slides show the garden area before and after. (turn on the sound under the slideshow)

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